We were figueira da foz first surfcamp in the true camping spirit! we exist since 2004 and we’re located in a rural area 5km from the beach. In order to offer our hosts the best possible surfing experience we search each day for the best spots with the ideal learning conditions.
The stay is all inclusive: camping, meals, transportation and surfing equipment! Our goal is to offer our hosts an unique and unforgettable stay without having to worry with all the logistics evolving the surfing practice. We’re open from April until October.

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We are

We’re located in the center of portugal in a little coastal town, Figueira da Foz, 180 km away from lisbon and 150 km from Porto. Figueira is well known for one of the longest waves in europe (cabo mondego).

And for another world class peak that already hosted several surfing world championships (WCT & WQS). we offer the opportunity of surfing all kinds of waves in a coast line of over 25 km length.


For those less found of camping we have the option of staying in the surf-house where we have a limited number of rooms with single bed and double beds (some of them are available with private bathroom) Surfhouse or Surfhouse cozy. The surfhouses they are in center Figueira da Foz.

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Transport is available from the meeting point in Coimbra to the SurfCamp. We can provide transport for groups of at least 5 persons from and to Lisbon or Oporto airport, this will increase the original budget on 25 € Transport to the beach is provided . During transport, everybody will have insurance, in case of accidents.